Board of Trustees Report – June 2016 – Student Success Efforts Overview

Academic Affairs Report to Board of Trustees_June2016

The attached presentation for the June 9 meeting of the Board of Trustees is a follow up to my report in March which explained the multiple ways that graduation rates are measured.  This report summarizes what we are doing to improve graduation rates; it describes these efforts in the context of our Institutional Partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  As a Gates institutional partner, we have made a commitment to increase the number of degrees awarded by one-third by 2022.  Of course, as we increase the number of degrees awarded, we must also make sure that our graduates are prepared for success in their professions, as citizens, and in their personal lives.  This presentation is hopelessly incomplete — we are doing so much more than identified in this presentation.  My goal was to give an overview and a framework for understanding and planning. I hope my notes will enhance your understanding of the slides.