Proposed Reorganization (disapproved by Faculty Senate)

Update:  This proposal was not approved by Faculty Senate. 

I have submitted a proposal to the Faculty Senate for reorganizing Academic Affairs. The proposal is based on feedback from faculty and deans. The proposal must be approved by the Faculty Senate so please share your concerns and questions with your department’s senators.

The proposed reorganization has several major components:

  • Define “college” and “school” to distinguish their meanings. A college includes multiple degree programs and multiple departments. This change will entail renaming our current schools to colleges so that we will have a College of Education and College of Business.
  • A school, according to the new definition, includes a single discipline that focuses on preparation of professionals. Based on this definitions Establish a School of Nursing and a School of Social Work consistent with the new definitions.
  • Establish a College of Science and Technology (CST) to support an increase in the number of graduates in STEM disciplines.
  • Establish an Office of Adult Learning and Professional Studies (OALPS) that will serve as a one-stop portal of entry for all adult learners seeking to complete a degree.

The proposed reorganization is driven by the need to increase enrollment and degree completion over the next decade by highlighting those areas in which we have potential for significant growth. Remember that as an Institutional Partner for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we have committed to increase our number of graduates by one-third over the next decade.

The Nursing Program is now producing more graduates (BSN) than any other degree program at FSU and the number of Master of Social Work (MSW) graduates is greater than all of the other graduate programs combined. Part of this success is due to the MSW at Fort Sam Houston, the only such program on a military base in the country! We can expect continued growth in these two disciplines over the next decades because of the demand for graduates with these degrees in the region. Establishing schools in these disciplines helps to highlight their importance to FSU and should help us with student recruitment and grant writing.

Thanks to the grant-writing success of our faculty in STEM disciplines, we have developed instrumentation and support programs that significantly enhance our capacity for teaching and research in STEM disciplines at FSU. In view of the state and national need for graduates in these disciplines, it is an important potential area of growth for FSU over the next decade.   Establishing the College of Science and Technology means that we will have an academic unit whose singular focus is on increasing degree productivity in the STEM disciplines.

Another area of potential growth is with adult learners, those students 24 years or older. We have already made great progress in this area with nearly half of our current enrollment comprised of adult learners. The ACE Alternative Credit Project, the professional studies program, expansion of online programs, establishment of professional advisors, our community college articulation agreements, and other factors have the potential for increasing enrollment of adult learners. The proposed Office of Adult Learning and Professional Studies will facilitate enrollment of these student by providing information and assistance to all prospective students seeking to complete a degree.

I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions from faculty as the Senate reviews this proposal. If approved by the Senate, the proposal will also have to be approved by the Chancellor, Board of Trustees, and Board of Governors.