Administrative Fellowships – Past Application Deadline


The Fayetteville State University (FSU) Administrative Fellowship Program provides opportunities for tenured Associate Professors and Professors to lead institutional initiatives that serve important goals of the Division of Academic Affairs and the FSU Strategic Plan.  The program is designed especially for tenured faculty members who seek experience in higher education administration.  Administrative Fellows will increase their understanding of factors that influence higher education policies and practices at the national, state, and institutional level.  They will also gain first-hand experience in working with faculty, staff, and other administrators in implementing specific institutional projects.

Conditions of Appointment – Administrative Fellows will:

  1. Devote five to seven hours per week to the administrative project.
  2. Receive a ten-month, extra-duty contract to serve in the role.
  3. Maintain their regular teaching schedules.
  4. Participate in a monthly seminar conducted by the provost and other academic affairs leaders.

Application and Selection Process

Eligible faculty members must submit each of the following:

  1. A recent copy of applicant CV
  2. A letter specifying desired project(s) and stating reasons why applicant wishes to serve as Administrative Fellow (maximum length: 350 words)
  3. Statement acknowledging that the Administrative Fellow will: a) devote five to seven hours per week to the administrative project; b) receive a 10-month, extra-duty contract; c) maintain his/her normal teaching load (Administrative Fellows do not receive a reduced teaching load); and d) participate in monthly seminar.
  4. Statements from department chair and dean expressing support for the applicant’s participation in the Administrative Fellows Program.


Application deadline: March 3, 2017

Notification to applicants selected:  March 30, 2017

Duration of appointment:  August 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018 (Administrative Fellow may be approved for a second year appointment.)

Instructions for Submission of Application:

The Application Package must include the following:  1) Applicant’s CV, 2) Letter of interest, including desired project; 3) Acknowledgement of the Conditions of Appointment outlined above; and 4) statements of support from the applicant’s department chair and dean.

The complete Application Package must be scanned and submitted via email to Jon Young, by 11:59 pm on Friday, March 3.

Administrative Projects: 2017-18 Academic Year – Administrative Fellow Projects

  1. Office of Academic Affairs – This position will work with Dr. Perry Massey, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, to develop a Faculty Mentoring Program. The Administrative Fellow will review and visit programs at other institutions and propose guidelines and structure for the program at FSU. This Administrative Fellow will help improve the transition of new faculty into FSU.
  2. Office of Academic Affairs – This Administrative Fellow will work directly with the Provost to develop strategies and guidelines for increasing faculty-student research projects. The individual selected will review all existing strategies for supporting faculty-student research projects and based on this research develop recommendations for increasing such projects.  The recommendations may consider student recruitment, curricular revisions, evaluative criteria, financial support, and any other factor that would help increase the number faculty-guided research projects for students.
  3. Office of Continuing Education and Summer School – The Administrative Fellow will assist in all aspects of planning and implementing summer school and continuing education programs and will serve as a liaison between the director and deans, department chairs, and faculty to develop schedules, plan programs, and recommend practices and procedures to improve efficiency and increase revenue.
  4. Office of Faculty Development (OFD)– This Faculty Fellow will assist the Office of Faculty Development in administering the COACHE survey and encouraging campus-wide participation in the survey. The position will advise the COACHE Advisory Committee about developing recommendations for improvement based on the survey findings.  The COACHE survey, is conducted by the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, is used by universities throughout the nation to assess faculty satisfaction with working conditions.  The results from previous COACHE surveys have guided various changes at FSU, such as implementation of professional advisors and the revision of the workload policy.  It is essential to make sure we have widespread participation in the survey and that we develop a plan for addressing the results.  This Faculty Fellow would be responsible for all of these aspects of the COACHE survey.
  5. Office of Institutional Research (IR) – This Administrative Fellow will serve primarily as a liaison between IR and deans, department chairs, and faculty to increase campus awareness of the reports IR provides to UNC, North Carolina, and the federal agencies and to assist IR in identifying and meeting departmental and faculty needs for data. This Administrative Fellow will help shape the future of IR at FSU.
  6. University College (UC)–The Administrative Fellow will assist faculty in the use of new technologies to promote student success.  Using BroncoConnect (Starfish), Hobsons Retain, PAR Framework, EAB Guide, and other technologies, the Fellow will help develop a plan to share data with faculty to identify areas for improvement.  The Fellow will help develop ways to streamline curriculum and redesign courses to improve student success and lead efforts to implement these solutions across the curriculum.
  7. Other – Faculty members are encouraged to recommend other Administrative Fellow projects. Applicants who seek to recommend another project will be required to provide detailed information in the application.