Enrollment Management Committee – Clearing Away Obstacles and Roadblocks

Pathways Slides

Attached are two slides I shared at Bronco Kickoff.  The first one depicts the obstacles and roadblocks students often encounter on their pathway to degree completion.  Moreover, career planning occurs on a separate pathway.  The second slides show our goal: remove unnecessary obstacles and integrate career planning into our curriculum.

FSU provides students with many resources to help them address academic challenges that can lead to their dropping out.  A recent review identified more than 40 programs that help students address academic reasons for student attrition.

Freshman Seminar helps first year students improve time management and study skills; Students have abundant opportunities for tutoring and supplemental instruction to strengthen academic skills; Bronco Connect makes it easy for faculty members to warn students about excessive absences or missed assignments

With the help of the Office of Faculty Development, many faculty have implemented techniques and technologies to increase student engagement, which has been shown to have an especially positive impact on student learning.

Academic support programs are very important. Yet, students confront a variety of obstacles on the pathway to degree completion that are not explicitly academic. These obstacles frequently arise from miscommunication about guidelines and requirements.  None of this miscommunication is intentional – in fact, all of our offices and staff work diligently to provide important and accurate information to all students.

Yet, despite our good intentions, a number of communication gaps persist.

Over the next several weeks, the Enrollment Management Committee will strive to identify and correct some of these communication gaps. We are looking first at the questions most frequently asked to the Enrollment Service Call Center, assuming that these questions arise from these communication gaps.   Students are often confused about the messages they receive about the admissions process, their bills and financial aid.  The challenge is making sure we communicate information in a manner that is understandable to students.

Academic advisement is another source of much confusion and frustration among students. We need to look at every aspect of advisement process and determine which are and are not contributing to student enrollment.  The implementation of Acalog and Degree Works will offer opportunities for revising current processes.

One of our most important goals for this academic year is to remove unnecessary obstacles to degree completion.  The work of the Enrollment Management Committee is just one of many similar efforts that we will use to achieve this goal.