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FSU, Higher Education, and Social Mobility

I am indebted to Dr. Angela Taylor, Department of Criminal Justice, for making me aware of this NY Times study.

A recent study by the New York Times uses millions of anonymous tax records to measure the impact of university attendance on social mobility.  These are immensely important data since most students and their families invest in college in hopes of a better future.


I encourage each of you to explore the wealth of data at this site to arrive at your own conclusions.  If you compare FSU to other North Carolina institutions, it is clear that we are having a positive impact on social mobility of our students.  FSU ranks 4th among 101 institutions in North Carolina in terms of the percentage (30%) of students who move up two or more economic quintiles.

Yet, despite the good work of FSU and other institutions that serve low-income students, significant income gaps continue to exist among graduates of different institutions. Continue reading